Add Items to Multiple Reviews (v2.3)
With release 2.3, we've focused on delivering one of our most often requested features: Copying Review Items. You can now add Items to multiple Reviews without increasing your storage usage and upload counts.
In order to use this new functionality, select one or multiple Items, then select "Add to..." from the pop-over menu.
To see all available functionality for copying items, have a quick read through the docs:
We've also added significant improvements to the 3D Model Viewer, review link sharing, and our ShotGrid integration. See full release notes for 2.3 below:
SyncSketch v2.3.0
  • You can now copy media items into other reviews (including copying multiple items into multiple reviews) without impacting your storage usage or upload limits. Learn more about the initial release here
  • The 3D Model Viewer has moved out of Alpha status and packaged up into a full production release. In addition to dozens of bug fixes and small interface tweaks, there are many feature improvements: UV navigation is more robust, Alt/Option-H will now reveal hidden objects, Flythrough keyboard controls no longer require the Shift key and are compatible with European keyboards, Improved synchronization of camera views among synced reviewers, Playback speed control now works in the 3D Model Viewer
  • When sharing a review link, the Save button will now copy the link with an embedded password for sharing with your collaborators
  • The Project Overview page now sorts by the most recent by default
  • Selections are now preserved after canceling out of the Copy/Move dialog
  • SyncSketch now gracefully reconnects when devices wake up after sleeping
  • The Project Overview now restores the most recent Review Group selection
  • Resolved an issue where using “Set Frame as Thumbnail” was generating the error “Thumbnail for this image could not be updated”.
  • The User List in the Workspace Settings’ Usage tab should now represent all users that count against seat usage
Performance & Integration Improvements (v2.2)
We've been focused this release primarily on performance improvements across the board. From improving sync stability to optimizing video encoding settings, we hope you'll notice improvements across the application.
We also added additional configuration options to our ShotGrid integration, which allow for more specific access restrictions.
See the full release notes below for more details:
SyncSketch v2.2.0
  • Improved overall sync stability and performance with optimizations to sequence playback, 3D Viewer, Whiteboard and the Presenter mode.
  • In the ShotGrid integration workspace configuration, added options for restricting access to specific SyncSketch projects, as well as linking to specific ShotGrid projects.
  • When adjusting your account’s plan limits in the Billing tab of the Workspace Settings, you can now select storage in any multiple of 50GB up to 5TB.
  • Improved session syncing in the 3D Viewer, reducing the chance that viewers will land on different frames when playback is paused.
  • Updated the software library being used for PDF conversion to be more performant.
  • Optimizing video encoding settings to ensure high standards of quality while maintaining reasonable file sizes.
  • Improved self-service email notifications for when accounts go over their paid user limits.
  • Improved how session syncing performs when zooming in the UV Layout panel of the 3D Viewer.
  • Setting the environment background to be blurred by default in the 3D Viewer.
  • Optimizations around how the state of Reviews and Items are stored, making load times faster across SyncSketch.
  • Improved responsiveness when sketches are being cut and pasted while using ghosting mode.
  • Fixed an issue where sketches would continue to display on other frames when entering sequence playback mode.
  • Fixed an account payment issue where users who had invalid credit card couldn't later update their card to a new valid card.
  • Fixed an issue where video encoding would fail if watermarking was enabled but no watermarking settings were saved.
  • Fixed an issue where guest users were not able to download content or change statuses, even if they'd be enabled to do so in the review share settings.
  • Fixed an issue in the 3D Viewer where sometimes the camera movements of an unsynced user would get picked up by an active synced session.
  • Fix an issue where some users were prompted to add a new video call when one was already in progress.
  • Fix to ensure the UV Layout panel can be drawn on and doesn't just pan the window instead.
  • Fix to ensure all media uploaded gets an associated thumbnail image generated.
  • Fix to ensure expired credit cards can be more easily updated on the payments page.
  • Fixed an issue with undo which sometimes caused saving empty sketches.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Sketches would be created when leaving a Review during the saving process.
3D Review Improvements & New Billing User Role (v2.1)
We've introduced a new user permission role called "billing" in this release along with some significant performance improvements to the 3D Viewer.
See the full release notes below for more details:
SyncSketch v2.1.0
  • You can now add a Workspace admin of type “billing”. This admin can manage billing details and update payment info. Billing admins have no access to media or reviews, and do not count against your seat usage.
  • Added MFA badge icons beside user names to indicate to workspace administrators which users have Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) enabled.
  • We now auto-detect file types for files uploaded without file extensions
    (except .PDF and .AI)
  • In the 3D Viewer, pressing the Alt key while using the navigation tool will now momentarily switch to the last-used brush tool, returning to the camera navigation tool once the Alt key is released.
  • When sharing Review Links with External Collaborators, you can now set the link to allow users to open the review without automatically joining any synced reviews underway.
  • Character limits have now been raised significantly for Review names (1024 characters) and Review descriptions (effectively unlimited).
  • Company names now appear on invoices.
  • You can now edit Review names directly from the Project Overview page.
  • Formatting on several notification emails has improved.
  • 3D Viewer no longer simulates camera framing, since it didn’t really make sense in this context and caused some issues.
  • Model focusing is now generally improved in the 3D Viewer in many ways.
  • Many of the controls in the 3D Viewer now work more predictably.
  • Changing the Field of View in the 3D Viewer settings no longer shifts the camera orientation.
  • The hover menus in the Shot Item List are now easier to target with your mouse.
  • Shift-W/A/S/D can now be used to navigate in Flythrough mode in the 3D Viewer, in addition to using onscreen controls.
  • Sketches with the Laser Pointer tool now fade after a moment when drawn on mobile devices in the same way as on desktop systems.
  • The Compare mode drop down handles long item names nicely.
  • UV Viewer in the 3D Viewer is no longer distorted when cycling through the UVs or resizing the viewer, and works correctly in synced review sessions.
  • The Pie menu
    now works in Firefox.
  • Drawing now works as expected when you switch back to the Player from another tab or application.
  • Improved error handling in PDF exports.
  • External collaborators are no longer required to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Fixed a situation where an expired credit card could not be replaced.
  • Fixed conditions where item thumbnails were not updating.
Sketching Experience Overhaul!
We've released a significant upgrade to the core sketching experience, featuring expressive brushes, improved control and more!
The main drawing tool, which we call the Ballpoint Pen, now draws a very natural line shape with lovely tapering based on speed of drawing (or pressure from a stylus if you're using one).
In addition there's a new Brush tool to add expressive painterly strokes that can illustrate your ideas in a way that would be tedious or impossible with the Ballpoint Pen.
Users on an Enterprise plan get an incredible set of brush customization options that can apply individually to the Brush, the Ballpoint Pen and even the Eraser!
If you're erasing, SyncSketch intelligently returns you to the last-used brush using the
key or stylus nib.
We've added an upper toolbar and reorganized the tool groupings to make the interface less cluttered and more organized and responsive to windows of varying sizes and shapes.
You can now toggle between two colors using an onscreen icon or the
You can now hold the Shift key to constrain sketching to horizontal or vertical lines.
You can now adjust the brush size with great precision by holding the
key while dragging in the image area.
Mobile features
On mobile devices we've added a new tool grouping at the left edge that is designed to conveniently control common functions with your thumb, including Undo and drawing options like Size and Opacity. There are also timeline navigation controls, including the unique Variscrubber that lets you scrub the timeline by moving your thumb vertically and control how fast you scrub the timeline by how far you extend your thumb horizontally.
Known issues
Here are a few known limitations of the new sketching engine that we are working to overcome:
  • Pasting sketches currently replaces existing sketches instead of adding to them.
  • There is no Undo for pasting sketches.
  • You cannot currently paste cut or copied sketches into other media items.
  • The Eyedropper and Compare tools are not currently available on Mobile.
All of these new features are documented in Using the SyncSketch Drawing Tools.
Changelog and Feedback Board Widgets
We've introduced new widgets on the SyncSketch website to make access to the Changelog and Feedback Board even easier!
When outside of the player, you'll notice a new light bulb icon which gives quick access to the latest posts on the Changelog. In the lower right corner, inside the "?" menu, you'll notice a "Submit Feedback" link which now opens a widget inside the SyncSketch website.
Inside the player, the same Feedback widget is available within the "?" menu - so you can always leave us feedback as soon as you think of a new idea!
Uploading Folders
SyncSketch now supports uploading an entire folder of media!
Rather than selecting multiple items for upload, simply grab an entire folder and drag it in! Every item in the folder will be brought in for review.
Project Thumbnails
Spice up your SyncSketch projects by adding thumbnail images to represent them!
Project members will be able to tell they're in the right place with this quick visual reference. Not to mention, pictures are a lot more fun than just some boring text!
Shotgun (Shotgrid) Integration - Multiple Configs, Project Links
We've upgraded the Shotgrid (formerly Shotgun) Integration experience!
Now you can add multiple Shotgrid configurations, restrict access to modify Shotgrid configs to specific admins, and link specific Shotgrid projects to individual SyncSketch projects.
Set Status on Multiple Items
Too many clicks to set the status on each individual item? We've got you covered!
Now you can select multiple items that need the same status and change them all at once.
Check out our support article to learn more about setting statuses!
Lifecycle Management
Automatically archive or delete old reviews, with our new Lifecycle Management settings!
This is a great way to keep your storage usage in check, and also ensure sensitive content doesn't stay online forever.
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