Comment Panel & PDF Export Improvements (v2.8)
The 2.8 release of SyncSketch further smooths out the user experience by improving responsiveness and adding support for variations in 3D and video file imports.
SyncSketch v2.8.0
  • Improved comment selection between offline and online users, making for a less jumpy experience in the comments panel
  • The Project Overview's space-bar quick-preview view no longer requires a page refresh to see updated thumbnails.
  • Added thumbnails to PDF report downloads for general comments made on single images in a review
  • Performance optimizations for how 3D viewer scenes get saved
  • Movies with audio that does not start on the first frame (i.e. Maya playblasts) are now supported; audio scrubbing and playback are now synchronized correctly to the video
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Collada 3D imports to fail
  • Fixed an issue where the dialog inviting users to join a sync session in progress was not showing up anymore
  • Fixed stuttering playback when viewing the same video twice, side-by-side, using compare mode
  • In the 3D viewer, fixed syncing issues relating to when a synced user unexpectedly disconnects from a session or navigates to another tab in their browser
  • Fixed alignment of labels for minimum brush size and opacity level in the custom brushes panel
  • Addressed a permissions issue for API Script users, where users with a workspace scope set had issues updating or accessing project data