Explore all the features SyncSketch has to offer through new dialogs and the addition of a visual indicator (e.g. below on the "Media" tab) that showcases extended functionalities:
Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 15
With just a click, get comprehensive details and uncover features you might be missing, as well as additional options:
Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 15
Gain a deeper understanding of what SyncSketch can offer and don’t miss any option that could optimize your workflow.
Other Updates & Fixes
We've made various improvements, from enhanced search in the notes panel to fixing broken links, so you can better concentrate on your creative workflow confidently:
  • Static watermarks are now applied to uploaded PDF files
  • Search is now reliably highlighting matching words in the notes panel
  • Checkboxes when selecting items in the Media Tab now show on both on hover and selection
  • Enhancements to the storage methodology for media
  • Newest browsers don't accidentally get classified as "unsupported”
  • Various broken links have been fixed
  • Various cosmetic improvements