With the release of version 2.9, SyncSketch speeds up reviews of 3D assets by introducing 3D presets.
Allowing for the creation of custom scene presets for 3D files, users can quickly flip back and forth between commonly used scene settings, without needing to open the 3D settings panel and tweak individual attributes.
Further details on the usage of 3D presets can be found in Using 3D View Presets.
For a deeper dive on all the changes in 2.9, see below for the full release notes.
SyncSketch v2.9.0
  • Added the ability to apply both common and custom preset groups of 3D scene settings, reducing the time needed to tweak each 3D scene file for review. These new presets can be configured and shared from the top of the 3D settings pane in a review.
  • Project administrators have the ability to set a default scene state, applied to all newly uploaded 3D uploads, by selecting a preset in the Project Settings panel.
  • Updated the 3D viewer to use Reinhard tone mapping in HDRI environments for smoother highlights and reduced clipping.
  • 3D viewer controls (Pan, Orbit, Dolly) have been moved to the lower left of the viewport.
  • Improved the cookie consent dialog, allowing finer control over how SyncSketch uses cookies.
  • Addressed an issue with webhooks, where uploading mp4 video files was not generating an
  • Utilizing background blur in conjunction with an HDRI environment would previously reduce the appearance of roughness on the model.