With the release of version 2.17, SyncSketch is bringing easier ways to control your seat usage. When inviting new users to your workspace, clear indicators of seat availability now help our self-service Enterprise account holders and admins ensure seat usage is easy to monitor and update. Helpful warning prompts indicating a limit is being reached make it easy to adjust seat limits when needed.
Note that users who have not yet accepted an invitation to join the workspace will continue to not count toward the total seats in use until they accept the invitation. Invited users, who have not yet accepted, are shown in the Usage tab of the Workspace Settings when “Show All Users” is selected, so that you can track outstanding invitations.
For a deeper dive on all the changes in 2.17, see below for the full release notes.
SyncSketch v2.17.0
  • Account owners and billing users may now pay unpaid invoices on the Billing Tab using the Invoices List, then choosing the "Pay Now" option
  • ShotGrid integration now supports syncing nested version data into SyncSketch.
  • Updated the Activity Log to include whiteboard creation and URL uploads
  • Simplified iPad comment interactions: instead of two taps on the comment to update the frame and camera angle, only one tap is required
  • Playback of an active range now includes the out frame
  • Fixed the watermark file path on file upload/encoding when the project watermark is enabled
  • Removed the "Download Original" option for media Items where the original file is unavailable
  • Better error handling when resetting password for an invalid email
  • Improving double-clicking behavior for editing item names in media tab
  • Improved the usability of the Search Files box when the page is in a scrolled-down position
  • When getting data for specific media items via the API, the
    property is no longer blank. Note that a
    must be passed as a query parameter
  • When the payment info is updated, unpaid invoices are now automatically collected
  • Fixed a problem with the Review Player timeline; now can disable looping and scrub outside of the frame range and click on frames in the timeline
  • Fixed the ability to copy/cut a new sketch after pasting it to a frame with an existing sketch
  • When there are too many users added to a Teams account, the owner will now be correctly warned when their Workspace is going to be locked out
  • Update links for the most up-to-date knowledge-base articles
  • Fixed wrapping of large item numbers in Reviews Table
  • Fixed the "Jump to Review" dialog when the selected item is not in any review
  • Various cosmetic improvements
iPad & iOS fixes:
  • Help & Resources button no longer overlaps the Start Review button
  • The last review is now accessible when there are many reviews in a project
  • Clicking outside the comment input hides the overlay
  • Cleaned up header in Phone Portrait mode