Workspace owners and billing admins can update the payment method for their paid accounts by navigating to Workspace Settings and making changes to the subscription payment info. Sometimes it is useful to store more than one payment method.
You can now add credit cards to your account and change your default payment method as needed.
As one of our many security features, SyncSketch provides visual watermarking for Enterprise and Education Plus plans, with added support for Project Level Watermark Settings for more flexibility.
There is a complete article about creating and setting your watermarks for the Workspace and Projects in our knowledgebase. Read about Visual Watermarking for more details.
For a deeper dive into all the changes in 2.19, see the full release notes below.
SyncSketch v2.19.0
  • We've added the ability to download the current item list of a review in playlist order as CSV. This feature will quickly provide a list of items the team will look at during a Review.
  • If the browser's memory runs out while sketching (the window goes black), refreshing will recover the session with the sketches intact.
  • "Download Video With Sketches" now supports Held Sketches mode, if active.
  • There is no longer an effective limit to the number of sketches that can be reliably downloaded with video.
Minor user interface improvements:
  • Improved responsiveness of the Review's status dropdown for smaller screens.
  • If the browser window is so small that the Zoom Reset control cannot be displayed without obscuring other controls, it will be hidden. In this situation, the zoom level can still be reset with the magnifying glass tool in the lower right corner.
  • In Education accounts, we've renamed a user role from "restricted_member" to "Restricted student” for consistency throughout the application.
  • Removed "None" as a default display name when a user's last name is unavailable in the billing context.
  • Removed a button to change subscriptions for users who do not have that option.
  • Sequence Playback: Playing back sequences in the Review Player should be smoother at the transitions.
  • Resolved issue where "Download video with sketches" for videos in portrait mode resulted in misaligned sketches in the download file.
  • Updating Script Users that are connected to a project that has been archived or deleted will no longer fail.
  • Resolved an issue with upload filenames that have more than one period. E.g., "something_v1.2.jpeg"
  • Resolved issue where an extended Enterprise Trial could not be upgraded and finalized through checkout.
  • Invited members who have not activated a Single Sign On login will no longer be redirected to the SSO provider after entering their login ID .
  • Invited members who have a Single Sign On account will now be redirected to the SSO login even if they have not accepted an invitation to an account with limited seats.
  • Users invited to locked projects are no longer prevented from accessing unlocked projects.
  • Cursor now behaves more predictably when editing the P.O number for an invoice.