The Media tab allows you to manage all the uploads in a Project in one place. It features filtering, grouping, sorting, previewing, and batch operations such as copying, moving, deleting, and changing approval status.
As a new addition to this tool, we've added recent searches. The search bar will store the most recent filter settings as you apply various filters to your media search to narrow down content based on filename, date uploaded, the member who uploaded, status, and type. When filtering, click on the search bar to see those recent filters and click to apply.
In addition to the recent searches being available in the interface, we’ve implemented deep linking. When filters are applied, the URL is also updated. This makes it easy for users to share a link that will apply the same filters to other users that they are collaborating with.
We also added the ability to remove users from a synced review session. This will allow you to prepare your review for the next presentation and remove any users who forgot to disconnect their session.
For a deeper dive into all the changes in 2.18, see the full release notes below.
SyncSketch v2.18.0
  • Users can now simultaneously change the status of items across multiple reviews via the selection bar (previously, users could use only bulk set status within the same review)
  • Added option to allow re-encoding of ShotGrid versions during playlist sync for optimized playback performance
  • Media Tab now shows full ShotGrid status names rather than the shortcode (e.g., "Approved" instead of "apr"); full ShotGrid status names were already available in the Review Tab
  • Added an option to the API to allow users to include archived projects optionally
  • Return to playback control when entering a comment
  • Ability to draw dots or stippling when sketching
  • Do not send emails to users removed from a project
  • 3D Viewer: Improved Ghosting for specific camera angles
  • 3D Viewer: Show correct camera menu options for viewers who do not have annotation permissions
  • 3D Viewer: IOS fix entering values for number fields in settings panel
  • Populate the media tab without refreshing the page for newly uploaded items
  • Resolve TypeError when updating approval status for ShotGrid items in the Media Tab
  • When creating a password with a special character, the requirements were incorrectly flagging the password; now requirements show passing green when met (which may include special characters)
  • Fix the step to convert ASCII FBX files to binary when uploading 3D models
  • When prompted to adjust seat limits, take the user to the checkout view after login
  • Fix redirecting users invited to a project using SSO to the SSO login when accepting the invitation