NEW: Improved Search Functionality
  • Search results table is now configurable with an adjustable preview size
  • Search by filename, username and status at the same time. Separate your search terms with a space and you can find exactly what you need e.g “Shot_1 approved Floetotto” would search for all files with status approved by user Floetotto with filename like “Shot_1”
  • Select files from search and preview or immediately start a quick review
  • Search across multiple projects
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NEW: Upload Manager
Gain more control over your media uploads in SyncSketch with a new dialog that provides real-time insights into your uploads, such as the media name, size, upload duration, progress, and status.
  • Effortless Monitoring:
    The Upload Manager Panel ensures you're always in the loop about the status and progress of your media.
  • Total Control:
    Easily cancel any upload when needed.
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  • Mentions in Note Replies: Now, tag team members in replies, ensuring nothing important goes unnoticed. Also mentions should be more robust
  • Enhanced Usage Page: The Usage Page has been improved, to give you a clearer overview of your plans’ usage and make sure you stay in control of your workspace.
  • Significantly improved loading times for workspaces with lots of projects
Notable Fixes
  • Fixed: .png and PDF files downloads
  • Fixed: Disabled Button for Lifecycle Management
  • Fixed: Presentation Mode Waiting Screen
  • Fixed: Webhooks fire for Videos uploaded through the API