In this update, we've introduced several enhancements to improve your user experience and bolster security across our platform. Key features include the introduction of context menus, making it easier to navigate and interact with your content. We've also prioritized security with the removal of publicly accessible projects, offering a more secure way to share individual reviews. Integration with ShotGrid has been streamlined, ensuring proper synchronization and enhancing image quality.
Context Menus
  • Enjoy improved user experience with context menus. Now, you can simply right-click or control-click items in the Review Player's playlist to access context menus.
  • Effortlessly manage your media items in the Project Overview by right-clicking or control-clicking to reveal their action menu. You can apply group actions to multiple selected items, or individual actions to unselected items, for added convenience and control.
Security Improvements
  • We've enhanced security across the platform, ensuring your data stays safe and protected.
  • Publicly-accessible projects are no longer an option, providing increased security for your work. You can now share individual reviews with external users while maintaining the privacy of your projects:
  1. Existing public projects will have a new
    button in the Project Overview warning that the project is publicly accessible. Untitled (1)
  2. Clicking this button will take you to the Project Settings screen, where you can make the project private. Untitled
  • Achieve seamless synchronization with ShotGrid as status changes made in the Project Overview, in addition to changes in the Review Player, now sync back to ShotGrid.
  • Experience improved image quality when syncing image files from ShotGrid with "Re-encode videos" turned off. SyncSketch now retrieves the original image upload instead of ShotGrid’s transcoded version, eliminating compression artifacts.
  • Managing playlists in ShotGrid is now more straightforward, with updates to playlist names in ShotGrid reflecting in SyncSketch without creating new reviews.
  • Playlist name changes in ShotGrid will no longer cause SyncSketch to overwrite existing reviews with the same name.
General Updates & Fixes:
We've made various improvements, from enhanced whiteboard creation to fixing broken links and offering better responsiveness for smaller screens. Overall, this update is all about convenience, security, and a more user-friendly experience, ensuring you can focus on your creative work with peace of mind.
  • Video items in the Media tab are now animated when the cursor moves over them.
  • Multi-page PDFs can now be enabled for looping, for playback and stepping, and viewing the last frame is more reliable.
  • Overlimit accounts now unlock automatically after adjusting plan limits.
  • You can now re-subscribe to a canceled account without contacting Customer Support.
  • Account owners will no longer see the "Pending invites" banner for members they invited.
  • You can now invite new project members without having available seats for them. They can accept the invitations once seats are added.
  • When members are waiting for seats to be added so they can join a workspace, “poking” the owner is now more reliable.
  • The "Invoices" dialog now updates more immediately when paying an unpaid invoice using a "pay now" link.
  • Plan adjustments that incur very small charges no longer fail.
  • Payment errors are now displayed properly on the checkout page.
  • Presentation guests can no longer reactivate sketches when the host has hidden them.
  • Resizing the comments section of the Notes panel is more reliable.
  • Set default Whiteboard settings directly from the Project Overview for added customization.
  • You can once again create whiteboards on older versions of Safari (tested on Safari 15.2)
  • Enjoy improved usability of the action menu in the Review Player's playlist on mobile devices.
  • Tables now offer a more responsive design, making them user-friendly on smaller screen sizes.
  • The Activity Log now details item Status changes.
  • Notification emails about expired API keys are now more descriptive.
  • Various broken links have been fixed.
  • Various cosmetic improvements.