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In this update, we've introduced several enhancements to improve your user experience and bolster security across our platform. Key features include the introduction of context menus, making it easier to navigate and interact with your content. We've also prioritized security with the removal of publicly accessible projects, offering a more secure way to share individual reviews. Integration with ShotGrid has been streamlined, ensuring proper synchronization and enhancing image quality.
Context Menus
Security Improvements
1. Existing public projects will have a new
button in the Project Overview warning that the project is publicly accessible.
General Updates & Fixes:
We've made various improvements, from enhanced whiteboard creation to fixing broken links and offering better responsiveness for smaller screens. Overall, this update is all about convenience, security, and a more user-friendly experience, ensuring you can focus on your creative work with peace of mind.
We are excited to announce
the latest update to the SyncSketch Maya plugin
, which brings a range of enhancements and expanded compatibility.
Key Updates:Features and Benefits:
Our Maya plugin empowers you to achieve more with SyncSketch, enhancing your workflow and collaboration possibilities:For a more detailed understanding of the Maya plugin and its capabilities, we invite you to watch our Maya Integration Quick Intro Video
and explore our
SyncSketch’s Free and Indie plans have been updated to ensure a sustainable and robust platform for everyone. Here's what's new:
Free plan:
Indie plan:
For expanding needs, you can upgrade to the Team or Enterprise plans which offer even more powerful features like the ability to add unlimited seats, 3D model viewer, API access, and extensive content security features.
You can now save and update your favorite filter settings as
within the Media Tab! When you have filter settings the way you want them, click
Save as…
and give it a name. It will appear in the new Bookmarks button menu, seen here:
Managing Bookmarks
The Manage Bookmarks dialog allows you to
, or
saved bookmarks.
In this example, the Manage Bookmarks dialog is used to duplicate a bookmark that shows one student’s recent work, and then to rename it to set up a corresponding bookmark for another student.
Updating Bookmarks
In the Save Bookmark dialog, existing bookmarks that match what you begin to type appear in a list below. Selecting from this list allows you to update that bookmark with the current settings.
In this example, the renamed duplicate is updated to display the correct student’s recent work in the Media Tab.
Note: Bookmarks are unique to each user. As before, the bookmarks can be shared by copying the URL from the browser’s location bar. The recipient can save and update their bookmarks in the same manner.
SyncSketch v2.22.0
Invite approval
Enterprise workspace administrators now have
the option to manage their workspace invitations to control seat usage.
By enabling the new Invite Approvals feature, SyncSketch Workspace Owners and Admins receive notifications when a new user is invited to their workspace (or project). Before the invitation is passed on to the recipient, the administrator must approve it from a simple management interface.
The option appears in the
tab of the
Workspace Settings
(Note: This option is only accessible for Enterprise accounts that do not use custom billing. If this option is not available in your Enterprise workspace settings, reach out to
Workspace admins will be notified of pending invites via email, and in a dialog when they log in, and in the Workspace Settings > Users tab:
Each of these notifications can take workspace admins to the new dedicated Pending Invite Requests dialog. Quickly manage the pending invitation by either approving or declining requests here.
Additionally, admins can now easily follow up with workspace usage and seat count:
This allows SyncSketch Workspace admins to monitor and control seat counts with a streamlined, minimally-invasive approval process.
An invited user is not counted in the workspace usage until the moment the user
the invitation. Consequently, approving an invite will not immediately decrement the available seats. Also, this means that there can be more pending invites than available seats.
Notes panel: Mark Notes As Resolved, Design Improvements
Notes can now be marked as resolved!
Clicking on the action menu gives access to a “Resolve note” action which marks the Note as Resolved, making it easier to track your progress.
In addition, you can choose whether to display resolved notes. Displaying them allows you to see who marked it as resolved; hiding them removes clutter from the Notes panel.
By default, Resolved notes remain visible in the Notes panel. You can uncheck
Show resolved notes
to display only unresolved threads. When a Note is resolved, the thread is hidden in the Notes panel. Resolved notes are not deleted; setting
Show Resolved Notes
will reveal them once again.
When you choose
Download Item Notes as CSV
, there is now a new “Note Status” column that indicates whether a Note is resolved.
Design improvements
In addition, we’ve made a variety of cosmetic and usability improvements to the Notes Panel in order to make comment/reply threads more manageable and improve use of space. And we think it looks nicer. (After all, artists shouldn’t have to use ugly tools!)
You can now clearly see which notes and replies belong together, as threads.
When a thread is not selected, the oldesst replies in the thread can be collapsed in order to reduce visual clutter in the Notes Panel:
It is also easier to switch from a General to a Frame comment and vice-versa: just check or uncheck the box on the bottom left of the commenting area:
Note Actions are now accessible from an
action menu
(three dots) instead of icons along the bottom. (You can still paste from the system clipboard while editing comment text to attach images to comments and replies as well.)
Shotgrid improvements
Miscellaneous Improvements_____________________________
Known Issues
Project members can now
refine their searches in the Media Tab
by using the date filter. When filtering by
Date Uploaded
, the presets for time ranges like
"this month"
no longer simply preset the date range on the calendar. The filter can now be stored with "relative dates." Moreover, the relative dates are part of the page's URL.
You can store these searches as bookmarks in your browser, which means you can quickly get back to that search anytime you want, and the results of your saved search will be automatically updated with any new media uploads that fit that search.
For example, if you have a weekly task to review everything uploaded that week, you can set up the filter once and save a bookmark. Every Friday, you can load that bookmark to see everything uploaded since the previous week. Each time you access a previously saved bookmark, its search results will remain current.
Please see Manage Media with the Media Tab for more information about how to manage your media.
For a deeper dive into all the changes in 2.20, see full release notes below.
SyncSketch v2.20.0
ShotGrid Integration Improvements:
Workspace owners and billing admins can update the payment method for their paid accounts by navigating to Workspace Settings and making changes to the subscription payment info. Sometimes it is useful to store more than one payment method.
You can now add credit cards to your account and change your default payment method as needed.
As one of our many security features, SyncSketch provides visual watermarking for Enterprise and Education Plus plans, with added support for Project Level Watermark Settings for more flexibility.
There is a complete article about creating and setting your watermarks for the Workspace and Projects in our knowledgebase. Read about Visual Watermarking for more details.
For a deeper dive into all the changes in 2.19, see the full release notes below.
SyncSketch v2.19.0
Minor user interface improvements:
The Media tab allows you to manage all the uploads in a Project in one place. It features filtering, grouping, sorting, previewing, and batch operations such as copying, moving, deleting, and changing approval status.
As a new addition to this tool, we've added recent searches. The search bar will store the most recent filter settings as you apply various filters to your media search to narrow down content based on filename, date uploaded, the member who uploaded, status, and type. When filtering, click on the search bar to see those recent filters and click to apply.
In addition to the recent searches being available in the interface, we’ve implemented deep linking. When filters are applied, the URL is also updated. This makes it easy for users to share a link that will apply the same filters to other users that they are collaborating with.
We also added the ability to remove users from a synced review session. This will allow you to prepare your review for the next presentation and remove any users who forgot to disconnect their session.
For a deeper dive into all the changes in 2.18, see the full release notes below.
SyncSketch v2.18.0
With the release of version 2.17, SyncSketch is bringing easier ways to control your seat usage. When inviting new users to your workspace, clear indicators of seat availability now help our self-service Enterprise account holders and admins ensure seat usage is easy to monitor and update. Helpful warning prompts indicating a limit is being reached make it easy to adjust seat limits when needed.
Note that users who have not yet accepted an invitation to join the workspace will continue to not count toward the total seats in use until they accept the invitation. Invited users, who have not yet accepted, are shown in the Usage tab of the Workspace Settings when “Show All Users” is selected, so that you can track outstanding invitations.
For a deeper dive on all the changes in 2.17, see below for the full release notes.
SyncSketch v2.17.0
iPad & iOS fixes:
Customers on our Enterprise and Education Plus plans can protect their content against piracy and unsolicited distribution using visual watermarking. Previously, this feature applied to all media in the Workspace. Now, enabling watermarking at the Project level allows you to customize the Workspace setting defaults for an individual project.
An additional setting allows the Workspace administrator to ensure that media uploaded into all Projects has the same settings, overriding any Project-level customizations.
For a deeper dive into all the changes in 2.16, see the full release notes below.
SyncSketch v2.16.0
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