“One possible improvement which could be advantageous is to increase the amount of
sub-sections we can do because we often get a set of shots that belong to the same family and
so it would be great to build that tree out such as
Crying Set
● Sitting
● Standing
● Laying in bed
● In the Bath
Then it could be easier to track the iteration of each shot whilst keeping the set closely related.
Then also possibly having a current iteration button to tag which version we want to view when
looking at the set together.”
"I agree with Jon too. Having a sub-section or groups with in reviews would be great.
Then we could tuck things into groups/folder like First Passes, Second Pass etc. But I
am aware that could make things run slowly."
"it would be neat to have a label we could apply to
a movie file in a review. Such as First Pass, Second Pass. Usually we include these in
our file names, but some projects if we stick to naming con"