SyncSketch on its own is a very powerful review tool, but it doesn't capture the live back and forth of a review session. To that end we suggest SyncSketch provide either 1) an exportable event log or 2) webhooks for the following events:
  • open_review(date_time, project, review)
  • user_join(date_time, user)
  • open_item(date_time, user, item)
  • playback_start_item(date_time, user, start_frame)
  • playback_stop_item(date_time, user, stop_frame)
  • playback_scrub_item(date_time, user, new_frame)
  • close_item(date_time, user, item)
  • user_leave(date_time, user)
  • close_review(date_time, user, project, review)
If implemented as webhooks these would be set in SyncSketch preferences to URLs on a (user provided) event recording service. The user's service could, e.g. be part of a session audio recorder.